The Attack on Pearl Harbor in 101 Objects

Ingo Bauernfeind

Publication date:
December 2023
Publisher :
Bauernfeind Press
Series :
101 Objects Series
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ISBN : 9783948201029

Dimensions : 280 X 203 mm
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• The story of Pearl Harbor told through 101 key objects.
• Richly researched and analysed by key historians and curators.

Artifacts are tangible objects to our past with each of them telling its own story. What can we learn from the various objects which were used during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? What is the significance of the radio message that confirmed the sighting of a Japanese midget submarine in the harbor entrance one hour before the attack? What was so special about a Japanese torpedo retrieved from the waters of Pearl Harbor many years after the attack? 101 carefully selected artifacts tell the story of the day that changed history. Each artifact will be explained and commented by historians and curators, thus giving the objects a personal dimension.