Not a Soul but Us


Richard Smith

In mid-fourteenth century Yorkshire, the plague wipes out half the inhabitants of a remote village. Left behind, a twelve-year-old shepherd boy survives a brutal winter and keeps his flock alive. In the years that follow, he struggles to reconnect with life. He tells his story in a sequence of eighty-four sonnets.
Publication date:
June 2022
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
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ISBN : 9780872333604

Dimensions : 216 X 165 mm
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Winner of the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize

Set in rural England during and after the bubonic plague pandemic of 1348-1349, this verse novel drives to the heart of what we humans are capable of when boiled down to our very core in the struggle to survive - and how, in more ways than one, it's not our intelligence or our resiliency, but love and the non-human animals that save us.