Next Size Up (volume 1) and Size Isn't Everything (volume 2)


Publication date:
December 2022
Publisher :
Booth-Clibborn Editions
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ISBN : 9781861543844

Dimensions : 320 X 206 mm
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Next Size Up is a brand new book exploring the world of fashion, sport, design, art and music through the unique and powerful prism of contemporary Sneaker Culture as it enters another phase in its evolution. The world of sneakers has taken centre stage of not only youth culture, but also the mainstream creative industries including luxury fashion and music.

Next Size Up talks to the protagonists who made this happen and also explores what happens next. Providing a platform to celebrate and discuss some of the most compelling issues surrounding the creative industries today, it will appeal to those interested in cutting edge design, illustration and contemporary art as well as the ever-expanding world of sneaker enthusiasts.

This new book embodies the story, collaborating with designers, photographers, artists and writers including, amongst others, Paul Smith, Sarah Andelman, Antony Burrill, Alexander McQueen, Nike, Vans, Prada, At Last Clothing and many more.

Size Isn't Everything published 20 years ago is reprinted to complete this two volume set - the very first book of it's kind, it set the template for all others to follow. Back then it was completely uncharted territory, an underground movement of which the mainstream, including the Sneaker brands themselves, knew nothing about. Size Isn't Everything not only examined its heroes, codes, boundaries and contradictions, but also embodied the culture's ethos of putting creativity, design and collaboration at its very heart. Working with some of the most innovative names of the time Size Isn't features such names as The Chapman Brothers, Anthony Burrill, Tomato, Snoop Dogg, Glen E Friedman, Tony Hawk or Spike Jonze. The book was and is still beautiful.