Arracourt 1944

Triumph of American Armor

Mike Guardia

A heavily illustrated account of how the tanks of 4th Armored Division defeated two panzer brigades over 11 days of battle at Arracourt.
Publication date:
January 2022
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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Casemate Ilustrated
Illustration :
150 photographs and illustration
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ISBN : 9781636240329

Dimensions : 254 X 178 mm
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• The battle of Arracourt, near Lorraine, raged for eleven days in September 1944
• Including comprehensive information on the 5th Panzer Army and Combat Command A of the US 4th Armored Division who fought this battle
• Heavily illustrated, with maps, diagrams and profile artwork

September 1944: With the Allies closing in on the Rhine, Adolf Hitler orders a counterattack on General Patton's Third Army in France. Near the small town of Arracourt, France, elements of the US 4th Armored Division met the grizzled veterans of the 5th Panzer Army in combat. Atop their M4 Shermans, American tank crews squared off against the technologically superior Mark V Panther tanks of the Wermacht. Yet through a combination of superior tactics, leadership, teamwork, and small-unit initiative, the outnumbered American forces won a decisive victory against the 5th Panzer Army.

Indeed, of the 262 tanks and mobile assault guns fielded by German forces, 200 were damaged or destroyed by enemy fire. The Americans, by contrast, lost only 48 tanks. Following the collapse of the German counterattack at Arracourt, General Patton's Third Army found itself within striking distance of the Third Reich's borderlands.

The battle of Arracourt was the US Army's largest tank battle until the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944. It helped pave the way for the final Allied assault into Germany, and showed how tactical ingenuity and adaptive leadership can overcome and an enemy's superior size or technological strength.