The Wars Against Napoleon

Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars

General Michel Franceschi, Ben Weider

Popular and scholarly history presents a one-dimensional image of Napoleon as an inveterate instigator of war who repeatedly sought large-scale military conquests.
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January 2008
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Casemate Publishers
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• Controversial reassessment of one of Europe's great leadersPresents Napoleon as fundamentally pacifistLavishly illustrated

Popular and scholarly history presents a one-dimensional image of Napoleon as an inveterate instigator of war who repeatedly sought large-scale military conquests. General Franceschi and Ben Weider dismantle this false conclusion in The Wars Against Napoleon, a brilliantly written and researched study that turns our understanding of the French emperor on its head.

Avoiding the simplistic clichés and rudimentary caricatures many historians use when discussing Napoleon, Franceschi and Weider argue persuasively that the caricature of the megalomaniac conqueror who bled Europe white to satisfy his delirious ambitions and insatiable love for war is groundless. By carefully scrutinizing the facts of the period and scrupulously avoiding the sometimes confusing cause and effect of major historical events, they paint a compelling portrait of a fundamentally pacifist Napoleon, one completely at odds with modern scholarly thought.

This rigorous intellectual presentation is based upon three principal themes. The first explains how an unavoidable belligerent situation existed after the French Revolution of 1789. The new France inherited by Napoleon was faced with the implacable hatred of reactionary European monarchies determined to restore the ancient regime. All-out war was therefore inevitable unless France renounced the modern world to which it had just painfully given birth. The second theme emphasizes Napoleon's determined efforts ("bordering on an obsession,” argue the authors) to avoid this inevitable conflict. The political strategy of the Consulate and the Empire was based on the intangible principle of preventing or avoiding these wars, not on conquering territory. Finally, the authors examine, conflict by conflict, the evidence that Napoleon never declared war. As he later explained at Saint Helena, it was he who was always attacked—not the other way around. His adversaries pressured and even forced the Emperor to employ his unequalled military genius. After each of his memorable victories Napoleon offered concessions, often extravagant ones, to the defeated enemy for the sole purpose of avoiding another war.

Lavishly illustrated, persuasively argued, and carefully illustrated with original maps and battle diagrams, The Wars Against Napoleon presents a courageous and uniquely accurate historical idea that will surely arouse vigorous debate within the international historical community.


At last a unique book that provides a true view into the wars against France and possibly proves to all scholars of history that all previous historians, who have portrayed Bonaparte in the present perspective may, according to the authors, be unjust in their research. This book will arouse vigorous debate for years to come. Supported with Maps and diagrams this courageous book is a very intriguing read. Will the truth emerge?

I found The Wars against Napoleon to be thought-provoking, stimulating and challenging. It allows us to view things differently and that is no bad thing. Here we have two much respected Napoleonic specialists putting forward an alternative agenda and provoking a reaction by asking us to reappraise our opinions. In a world which is becoming more bland and conformist by the minute, it is refreshing that authors should still seek to stimulate us in this way.
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The book is broadly set out chronologically and deals with Napoleon's non military as well as his military achievements-- I found this a terrific read. It is a well written book in terms of its style, fast paced and downright interesting, it is written with such chutzpah and joie de vivre that it deserves your attention!