5541: SPECIAL OPS vol. 41

Journal of the Elite Forces & SWAT Units

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September 2007
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194 colour photos
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ISBN : 9789623611398

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This journal contains these articles:

1) Finns Wearing Fins - Finland's Erikoistoimintaosato Navy Combat Divers
It's not often that Finland's military gets good media coverage, especially so when it comes to Finnish Special Forces. Therefore, this article offers an unparalleled look into Finland's Navy Combat Divers. The article describes their organization and equipment, plus there is a full range of close-up photos to accompany it. The photos show the divers performing all sorts of missions on and under the water, as well as on land.

2) "There's Nobody Quite Like Us" - Gurkhas in Afghanistan
The Gurkhas are one of the famous outfits in the British Army, and this article by Carl Schulze looks at Gurkhas serving in Afghanistan. One unique advantage that Gurkhas have is their ability to speak Hindi, which is very similar to Urdu, a language spoken in Afghanistan. However, it's their military prowess that comes to the fore in this article! A wide range of pictures show these famous Gurkha soldiers engaged on missions in Afghanistan as part of ISAF, alongside their equipment and vehicles.

3) Greek Police EKAM Counter-Terrorist Unit
The 2004 Athens Olympics are now a fading memory, but one reason the Games ran so smoothly was because EKAM, a Greek police counter-terrorism unit, was hard at work behind the scenes. This feature examines the unit's background and capabilities, and is ably supported by a series of detailed close-up photos of personnel in action.

4) Wielding an Iron Sword - NATO Reaction Force in Norway
Exercise Iron Sword was an exercise run by the NATO Reaction Force in Norway. Being a major exercise, it offered many photo opportunities of soldiers and equipment from a range of countries. This means, countries like Norway, Netherlands, Denmark and Spain all get their turn in the spotlight in this closing article. All sorts of vehicles make their appearance: MOWAG Eagle, Mercedes Wolf, Patria XA-188, LMV, bridging trucks, AIFV, Leopard 2A6, and more! The text offers useful insights into how this NATO Rapid Reaction Force operates.