A Knight and His Horse

Ewart Oakeshott

Describes the horses used by knights in the Middle Ages, as well as the equipment and weapons knights used in battle.
Publication date:
January 1999
Publisher :
Dufour Editions
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ISBN : 9780802312976

Dimensions : 216 X 140 mm
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Explore a fascinating dimension of medieval life in this engaging account of knights and their horses. Oakeshott reveals how war tactics changed because of the swift terror of fighting on horseback instead of on foot. The author brings us into the world of jousts and spear-play, where a horse's strength, speed, and resiliency were absolutely essential. To engage in such exciting, dangerous activities, a "knight's horse had to have nerves of steel and a steadfast heart." Oakeshott dispels myths about the so-called ponderous horse of medieval times. He tells how horses were bred and trained for war, and how they became symbols of social class and sources of pride. Without a horse, a knight was nothing. Originally published in 1962-and of interest to young and older readers-this updated and revised edition of A Knight and His Horse has an extensive and useful glossary. Accurately illustrated by the author, the book captures the wonder and magic of a past time. Also available from Dufour are A Knight and His Weapons, A Knight and His Castle, and A Knight in Battle.