A Pleasure to Do Death With You

Paul Charles

The 10th book in the DI Christy Kennedy series.
Publication date:
May 2012
Publisher :
Dufour Editions
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ISBN : 9780802313522

Dimensions : 236 X 157 mm
Available in 3-4 weeks
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In the tenth book of the acclaimed DI Christy Kennedy series, a successful investment banker is found dead under unusual circumstances. While it looks like the case of an autoerotic escapade gone wrong, Kennedy has other suspicions. After working through a battery of interviews, and uncovering a potential political scandal, Kennedy follows the trail to California. There he is intrigued by an attractive police officer investigating her husband's murder. But the redoubtable DI still finds time to get his man.

"A bit of luck and an astonishing clue lead Kennedy to San Francisco, where a door opens into an entirely new mystery with engrossing twists of its own. Haunted by a broken romance, bewildered by a new one, the reserved and courtly Kennedy proves irresistible to women, much to his (and the reader's) delight." - Publishers Weekly

"The tenth Christy Kennedy mystery finds the Camden Town detective inspector following the clues to a man's death all the way to California."--Booklist. "An intriguing mystery." - Half Moon Bay Review

"One murder leads to another and DI Kennedy goes trans-Atlantic in his 10th appearance… Charles serves up his usual pleasant concoction at his usual leisurely pace." - Kirkus Reviews

"The characters are handled well, and Charles adds enough flavor to the dialogue to distinguish everyone from each other." - Mystery Scene Magazine