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Eken Press is dedicated to publishing innovative and stylish illustrated books on a broad range of subjects, from art and lifestyle to cooking, pop culture and reference. We strive to produce books for the curious-minded, with talented authors and skilled designers. We see each book as a piece of art that deserves the best quality, both of content and print, and we love to explore new topics.
Eken means “oak” in Swedish. It is also Stockholm’s nickname. Our name not only pays tribute to the Swedish origins of the company’s founder, but also refers to the tree’s legendary endurance and longevity.

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  • The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Empire

    • How was it possible for an insignificant country on the outskirts of Europe, with small cities and a scant population, to develop into a great power?

    Between the years 1560 and 1721, the Swedes endeavored to turn the Baltic Sea into a Swedish lake. Generations of young men perished in a seemingly end­less series of wars. How was it possible for an insignificant country on the outskirts of Europe, with small cities and a scant population, to de­velop into a great power? Convinced that God was on their side, the army marched across the ice of a frozen sea to take the enemy by... Learn More

    Starting at: £11.99

  • Siri the Viking

    In this third adventure, Siri and Zack are kidnapped and forced to help the dreaded Viking Rollie in his attempt to sack Paris. How will they save the city without Rollie noticing? And what happens if they fail? Learn More

    Starting at: £6.99

  • Feng shui flow

    • The book is an accessible introduction to creating sustainable and beautiful interiors
    • You will get practical advice on how to decorate your home
    • Introduction by Simon Brown
    • Simon Brown is the chair of the Feng Shui Society, author of numerous books including The Feng Shui Bible, international feng shui teacher and consultant. His feng shui projects include those with British Airways, The Body Shop, Paris Airports, Heron Tower and many other large building projects.

    Susanna Utbult and Jenny Jonsson have adapted the ancient Chinese philosophy feng shui to... Learn More

    Starting at: £12.99

  • Adventures in Thousandworld

    • A well-written story that will appeal readers of a wide range of ages

    When the refugee boy Kasir appears in the little Swedish town of Klippsby, twelve-year-old Julia realises at once that something about her new classmate is a bit strange. But she doesn't realise just how different he is until one fateful night when they are attacked by terrifying living shadows. Along with her little brother Edvin and an old vagrant called the Troubadour, they are forced to flee through a magical portal to Kasir's homeland. It is a world of boundless beauty, where art comes alive... Learn More

    Starting at: £11.99

  • Do You Believe in Swedish Sin? Swedish Exploitation Film Posters 1951-1984

    • History lesson on Swedish exploitation cinema
    • 350 outrageous, sexy, violent, fun movie posters from the Fifties to the early Eighties

    Swedish Exploitation Film Posters 1951 1984. So you thought that Swedish films were all about drama and anxiety? Think again! Klubb Super 8 has released vintage Swedish exploitation movies on VHS, DVD and BluRay, and collected tons of film posters during two decades. Here are 350 outrageous, sexy, violent, fun movie posters from the Fifties to the early Eighties! Swedish films of all kinds, whacky co-productions, exported Swedish babes... Learn More

    Starting at: £34.95

  • Siri the Viking: The Emperor's Treasure

    It is spring, and the Vikings are preparing to set sail for Miklagard. But Siri is told she has to stay behind! Her Dad, the chieftain, says that the journey is too dangerous for a little girl. But if he thinks that is going to stop her, he's wrong. She stows away on his ship. Aboard the same ship is a mysterious box meant to be delivered to the Emperor himself. But the villainous duo Ivar and Grim are eager to get their hands on the box, and Siri has to use all her courage and cleverness to protect it. Luckily, she is helped by Zack, a mysterious boy she meets in Miklagard. But who... Learn More

    Starting at: £6.99

  • Siri the Viking: Mimir´s Well

    SIRI IS BACK for another adventure! This time, the brave Viking girl and her friend Zack are searching for a lost treasure. They are helped along by Ansgar the monk, who is looking for his stolen books. A series of clues point them toward a mysterious place called Mimir's Well. But the villainous Ivar and his clumsy assistant Grim are hot on their trail, eager to get the treasure for themselves. Once again Siri has to use all her cleverness as she faces baffling riddles and dangerous traps. If she makes it through, perhaps she may find the answer to the greatest riddle of all: what... Learn More

    Starting at: £6.99

  • Food Forever

    • Laureate of the 'best in the world' cookbook award 2017
    • How to feed 10 billion or more eople without damaging our planet? Scientists and chefs compare their experience and ideas
    • With innovative recipes by top chefs - the recipes of the future

    ‘Food Forever' is more than just another story about the impact of over-exploitation of resources and climate change on the food chain. Dutch chef Lars Charas met with more than sixty scientists and chefs who accepted to share their knowledge and to look for solutions to the challenge of feeding 10 billion... Learn More

    Starting at: £10.00

  • Cava

    • All you need to know about Cava: its origins, the grapes, the production, and tasting
    • Premium Cava brands
    • With traditional Catalonian recipes that are perfect companions to a Cava dinner

    In the recent years, Cava has taken the stage as Spain's star sparkling wine, not only thanks to its remarkable quality to price ratio, but also because more and more connoisseurs are recognizing its richness and complexity. This book offers a great overview of the Cava's origins, its elaboration, and its variety of tastes. You will learn all you need to know about the... Learn More

    Starting at: £8.00

  • A to Z of Art for Kids

    • An introduction to art for kids
    • Alphabetically organised word and concepts
    • Dynamic structure - short yet comprehensive texts and numerous illustrations

    Art can be fun and so should be speaking about it. This alphabetically organised book is an excellent introduction to the arts for kids.

    Designed in a fancy colourful style, the selection kindles kids’ interest in artistic creation at large. It not only delivers basic knowledge but also acts like a good jump-ing-off point for exploring art.

    To match children’s’ short attenti... Learn More

    Starting at: £5.00

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