Siri the Viking: The Emperor's Treasure

Patric Nystrom

Siri the Viking is the perfect book for kids who want to learn more about Vikings. The comic combines adventure and history in a humorous story with colorful characters and fascinating settings.
Publication date:
August 2020
Publisher :
Eken Press
Contributor(s) :
Per Demervall, Joseph A Davis
Series :
Siri the viking
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ISBN : 9781908233288

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It is spring, and the Vikings are preparing to set sail for Miklagard. But Siri is told she has to stay behind! Her Dad, the chieftain, says that the journey is too dangerous for a little girl. But if he thinks that is going to stop her, he's wrong. She stows away on his ship. Aboard the same ship is a mysterious box meant to be delivered to the Emperor himself. But the villainous duo Ivar and Grim are eager to get their hands on the box, and Siri has to use all her courage and cleverness to protect it. Luckily, she is helped by Zack, a mysterious boy she meets in Miklagard. But who is he really?

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It would be a perfect to encourage reading for pleasure in Years 4, 5 or 6 but also an ideal resource to reinforce curriculum work on the Vikings. A tiny percentage of Swedish language books are chosen for translation into English. This was one - and I can see why.
The Reader Zone website

This would be perfect for children to learn about the Vikings in a fun way.
Whispering Stories

The illustrations in this book are all so brilliant, so funny and I can't help but find myself wanting to look at this book again and again, re-reading and seeing all the fun things that happen. There's something so great about this book, a combination of the fun story and knowing that some parts of the story are actually real makes this book so fun and educational too.
The Strawberry Post

...this story has plenty of history, without making me feel like I had stepped into a history lesson. […] This is the start of a series that I will happily pass on to my daughter to read over and over. 5/5.
Vee Bookish Books