Tools for Slow Living

A Practical Guide to Mindfullness & Coziness


Publication date:
October 2017
Publisher :
Eken Press
Illustration :
150 illus.
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ISBN : 9781908233011

Dimensions : 197 X 140 mm
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• A prefect inspiration for all speedaholics to finally enjoy life
• Great collection of tools that will teach you how to relax
• Slow-life philosophy told in many objects and accessories

Many modern gurus, life-style magazines, TV programmes and books promote slow-ing down and resisting the relentless tem-po of daily life. We are offering a carefully selected set of objects and accessories that will not only show you how to relax again, but also how to refuse the crazy pressure for speed.

Take back control over your life and make it enjoyable again. Let this book be your guide on the way to escape the hurly-burly of everyday life and get rid of the stress it generates. Back to basics, discover the beauty of the slow mode that will make your life more rewarding, whether you are relaxing, enjoying the moment, sharing them with your loved ones or practicing a hobby. Thanks to our inspirational collec-tion of tools for slow living you will connect with reality, with others and most impor-tantly with yourself.