Lucy Maud Montgomery

Canada's Literary Treasure

Stan Sauerwein

This is the story of a life that doesn't go according to plan. Despite this, Lucy Maud Montgomery has created a world that still resonates deeply with readers.
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February 2020
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ISBN : 9781459505919

Dimensions : 216 X 140 mm
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Born into a dark, unhappy childhood and battling severe mental and physical health issues all through her adulthood, Lucy Maud Montgomery had a challenging private life. But she gave the world Anne Shirley - the freckle-faced, fiercely independent redhead as representative of Canada as the maple leaf. Anne of Green Gables is considered one of the greatest works in Canadian literature. Available in thirty-two editions, it continues to be immortalized on television, film and stage.

Determined to succeed against all odds, Lucy Maud Montgomery published twenty-three books over a thirty-year period - her writing still resonates with readers today. Updated with the latest research - encompassing the last few years of Lucy's life and death - and beautifully illustrated with photographs, this biography recounts the story of Anne's creator and her contrasting public and private lives.