Christian X and Queen Alexandrine

Royal Couple Through the World Wars

Jens Gunni Busck, Christopher Sand-Iversen

This book is part of the Crown Series, a series of small books on the Danish monarchy and related subjects. It tells the story of Christian X and Queen Alexandrine, Denmark's royal couple from 1912 to 1947.
Publication date:
September 2018
Publisher :
Gad Publishers
Editor :
Axel Harms
Series :
Crown Series
Illustration :
40 illustrations
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ISBN : 9788793229440

Dimensions : 210 X 171 mm
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Christian X and Queen Alexandrine were Denmark's royal couple from 1912 to 1947. They reigned during a period in which the world was dramatically changed; two world wars and serious economic crises left their mark on their reign and contributed to the royal couple's great significance as a centre around which the nation could gather.

During the same period, the role of the monarchy was fundamentally changed; the Danish monarchy found its place in a modern parliamentary democracy, and following the advent of modern mass media the royal couple became a public presence.