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  • All about Sergio Leone

    • The definitive work on the legendary Italian director, who influenced filmakers all around the world
    • Includes a detailed examination of films, personal memories of the director and the many collaborators who worked with him, script excerpts and beautiful photographs

    This is the first volume of a new series ("All about...Cinema!) dedicated to the most American of Italian directors, a master who will celebrate a double anniversary in 2019: 90 years since his birth (3 January) and 30 years since his death (30 April).

    A definitive anthology dedicated to the most... Learn More

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  • Young Poe

    • There's an odd and misterious bond between the writer from Baltimore and Vincent, a teen nightmare blogger, who has thousands of followers from around the globe. Deal closed for a tv series based on the Young Poe books!

    Vincent is a teen Nightmare Blogger. Teenagers from all around the globe love him but his extreme connection to Edgar Allan Poe is almost driving him crazy. He has extrasensory perception and he knows that in order to understand his infernal powers he will have to trace back the mysterious events that marked the final days of the writer from Baltimore. Learn More

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  • The Pope

    • The first thriller ever written by the internationally recognized master of horror movies!
    • A suspense-thriller in the spirit of "Hannibal” meets "Angels and Demons”

    A Catholic parish in present day California is plagued by a serial killer who disguises himself as the Pope and slays pedophile priests. Is he a homicidal maniac or is he actually fulfilling the Ascension Protocols of an ancient organization of the faithful? The answer lies in Gill Stillwell's story, the San Simone parish file clerk who dons the Papal garb and rubber mask and rains vengeance down on... Learn More

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  • Dance in Cuba

    In a single volume, Dance in Cuba is the one and only complete reference. It explores all the currents and genres of Cuban dance, from their beginnings to today: from the Ballet Nacional de Cuba to Danza Contempóranea de Cuba; from the many dance companies - such as the extraordinary Acosta Danza - to entertainment dancing. All the facets of the fascinating universe of rhythms and "born to dance” artists of the Big Island. Learn More

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  • Harry & Bunnie

    From the cartoon to the book! Harry & Bunnie is an animated television series (currently aired on Netflix) created by Animasia Studio (Malaysia). It follows young wannabe magician Harry who invents magical tricks to impress his friends, but always in vain. Meanwhile, his mischievous stage rabbit Bunnie always ends up stealing the limelight with its ongoing mission to steal Harry's magic wand. Harry always creates elaborate plans to take back his wand but always fail in the end. Learn More

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  • Foundations of Classical Ballet

    This is the most respected and most widely-read Russian ballet manual in the world, written in 1938 by Agrippina Vaganova (Russia's most influential ballet teacher of all time) and published in its final version (renowned as the 3rd edition) in U.S.S.R. in 1948. The book is presented - for the first time in English! - in its complete, unabridged, original form.

    Agrippina Vaganova played a pivotal role in the rebirth of Russian ballet, and her teaching method has gained unparalleled fame throughout the world. This Russian ballet techniques reference manual is the basis for all... Learn More

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