The Pope

A horror thriller

Brian Yuzna, John Penney

The protagonist is a man of sincere faith who finds himself driven to take action against the corruption that has fouled the purity of the Church, a corruption that is as odious to the faithful as it is condemned by secular society - the pedophilia scandal. A suspense-thriller in the spirit of "Hannibal” meets "Angels and Demons”!

Publication date:
December 2025
Publisher :
Gremese International
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ISBN : 9788873017868

Dimensions : 210 X 135 mm
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• The first thriller ever written by the internationally recognized master of horror movies!
• A suspense-thriller in the spirit of "Hannibal” meets "Angels and Demons”

A Catholic parish in present day California is plagued by a serial killer who disguises himself as the Pope and slays pedophile priests. Is he a homicidal maniac or is he actually fulfilling the Ascension Protocols of an ancient organization of the faithful? The answer lies in Gill Stillwell's story, the San Simone parish file clerk who dons the Papal garb and rubber mask and rains vengeance down on the corrupt clergy. It is a story that is also told through the violent and parallel struggle of a young boy in 1400 a.D. Rome who began the ancient Order of Octavius to battle corruption. These two stories collide in present day San Simone with the arrival of the mysterious Father Argus, an envoy from the Vatican. But is Father Argus trying to stop Gil or recruit him? The ultimate answer is only revealed in the aftermath of the Popes final bloody telekinetic assault, a supernatural blood bath that leaves a trail of guilty bodies in its wake.