Le dictionnaire de la Grande Armée

Pigeard Alain

Publication date:
November 2019
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ISBN : 9782840485421

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It answers all your questions!
The first edition of the Dictionnaire de la Grande Armée was published in 2002, on the eve of the great Napoleonic military bicentenary celebrations, which took place between 2004 and 2015. Since then, a lot of publications have been brought out; this edition takes this into account and brings the different sections up to date. The first aim of this dictionary is to answer amateurs' questions both general and precise. This book is unique in that it has no equivalent nowadays; it's a work tool and a reference book which makes often complex and wide-ranging scattered research easier; it won the Grand Prix Premier Empire from the Fondation Napoléon when it came out. This Dictionnaire de la Grande Armée is now an easy, condensed synthesis which should delight all Napoleon enthusiasts, researchers and students who are interested in things military. Wherever possible at the end of the articles, we have indicated the references as well as the bibliographical route to take in order to refine and complement the researches.
New: in this edition we have 600 biographies of people who had something to do with this military period, anything of an anecdotal nature which has a link to army organisation and military memorialists; we have also added 127 biographies of people linked to Napoleonic military history from the 19th and 20th Centuries, amateurs who were collectors, writers, historians, painters, etc., like Detaille, Lalauze, Margerand, Martinien, Rousselot, Saski, Six, etc. This part is completely new. In this second edition, there are more articles - at least 2 600 - but they have been padded out and are more precise and in a lot of cases quite new. The book finishes with a long bibliography. With all these articles, we hope you will save time in your future research and that you will discover a lot of new information, not to mention the pleasure of reading more about the history of this military epic. This dictionary is a tool which you will use often and is a must for your bookcase: that's what it's for!