The First (US) Infantry Division

Allied units of World War Two

Stephane Lavit, Philippe Charbonnier

The illustrated story of the most famous of US Army Divisions in WW2, from North Africa to Germany, and that of its outstanding generals, such as Theodore Roosevelt Junior and maverick Terry de la Mesa Allen
Publication date:
April 2017
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504641

Dimensions : 250 X 210 mm
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• Famous unit
• Portrayed by hollywood
• Famous generals

The 1st Infantry Division was established in 1917 to participate in the fighting in France and faced the major German offensives of 1918. During the Second World War, it effected its first assault landing in North Africa in 1942. Then followed the invasion of Sicily, D-Day in Normandy, the battle of the Bulge and the conquest of the Reich, as far as Czechoslovakia.

According to the division lore, at the time, the U.S. Army consisted of the First Infantry Division and eight million replacements! Thanks to hundreds of historical pictures, the reader will follow the Big Red One's glorious path in its most difficult assignments.


This book is a great insight into the men of the 1st Division through their photographs and annotations, as well as the division as a whole from inception to the present day. If you're interested in unit history then this book is a must have, and would be great in a collection.

This is a very pleasant way to get a lot of information about a large unit without having to read a novel sized book with a few black and whites buried in the middle. Highly recommended to those interested in the Big Red One and the big crucial stages of the Second World War.
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This is a concise but very informative history of this famous US Army division and the maps and photos will interest historians and modellers alike.
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Superb biopic of the history and Second World War engagements of the First Infantry Division of the US. Encapsulates the entire involvement of the US in the second world war…
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Well written, excellent photos, recommended.
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…for those of you who like to model dioramas or prefer to upgrade your general gaming figures, this will provide some inspiration!
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