Historic New England

Historic New England

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  • Wallpaper in New England

    Wallpaper in New England Learn More

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  • Beauport

    Beauport is the tantalizing personal statement of interior designer Henry Davis Sleeper. Built as a summer home, each room presents a theme that showcases Sleeper's amazing collection of thousands of decorative arts objects. This dazzling book of photographs and text offers an intriguing window on decorative art traditions of the past. Learn More

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  • Cherished Possessions

    This work marks a new direction in the study of decorative arts and belongs in every collector's library. In a lively and readable text, Historic New England curator Nancy Carlisle, a nationally recognized expert in the study of American material culture, offers poignant stories of both famous and forgotten players in New England's story. She presents more than 175 visually stunning objects, examines their roles as beloved treasures in peoples' lives, and shows how they give us a nuanced perspective on the past. The objects are selected from one of the nation's most... Learn More

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  • The Camera’s Coast

    Cameras float coastward. Almost every old family photograph album contains snapshots of children and sand pails, teenagers frolicking in surf or rowing a rental skiff, young couples half blinded by love and half blinded by beach-reflected sun, mothers with infants shaded by makeshift tents, and old-timers ensconced in folding beach chairs, often shielded by umbrellas.... Now and then the rummager of attics and antique shops finds other photographs, usually made from ferries or other commercial craft passing parallel to industrial waterfronts, beneath drawbridges, beside shipyards, sweeping... Learn More

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  • America’s Kitchens

    It is amazing what this one room--at times a harried workspace and at others the sentimental heart of the home--has meant to people over the course of more than four centuries.

    America's Kitchens tells the story of this important room and features New England hearths, detached kitchens on southern plantations, Spanish colonial kitchens of the Southwest, elaborate nineteenth-century kitchens in the Midwest, and middle-class open-plan homes of 1950s suburbia. The book traces technological developments such as the introduction of the cast-iron cookstove, the efficiency of the... Learn More

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  • Windows on the Past

    The story of life in New England from before the American Revolution to the twentieth century. Windows on the Past will take you on a tour of four centuries of home building, with fascinating interiors and furnishings; family ties to a wide variety of homes; advances in cooking, heating, plumbing, and lighting; the evolution of dining rituals; and classic landscapes, flower and kitchen gardens, and working farms. The book has been updated with new, richly illustrated chapters on the changing roles of servants in running the New England household and on the Historic New England Stewardship... Learn More

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  • Drawing Toward Home

    As the center of domestic life, the house is perhaps the most important building type in a democratic society. Drawing Toward Home: Designs for Domestic Architecture from Historic New England showcases a variety of drawings of domestic buildings that range in date from the late eighteenth through the twentieth centuries, and depict an array of building types estates, modest single-family houses, summer cottages, and even a typical Boston multi-family dwelling known as a three-decker.

    Architectural drawings have a history of their own, and this exceptional assemblage outlines... Learn More

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  • From Guiding Lights to Beacons for Business

    An iconic feature of the Maine coast (and in a few places inland), lighthouses have served as important navigational aids but also as tourist attractions, art subjects, and advertising symbols. This lavishly illustrated third volume in Historic New England's visual history series explores the lives and legends of lighthouse keepers, shares tales of maritime disasters, examines the architecture of lighthouses, and discusses efforts to preserve lighthouses themselves. It also explains how Maine's lighthouses have inspired myriad forms of representation, from paintings, photographs... Learn More

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  • Keepsakes and Treasures

    Historic New England's jewellery collection spans centuries of family tales, industrial development, and artistic expression. Some of these adornments bear designer names and museum-worthy pedigrees. Some are well used, with stories embedded in every nick and missing stone. Some represent up-to-the-minute trends. Some embody deeply held spiritual beliefs.

    Through full-color photographs and engaging stories, Keepsakes and Treasures is a gorgeous overview of what jewelry looked like for New Englanders from the mid-1700s to the present. Each piece illuminates a new facet of... Learn More

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  • Everything for the Garden

    Everything for the Garden is for anyone who enjoys gardening at home, visiting historic landscapes, or admiring plants and flowers in art and culture. Colorfully illustrated by material from Historic New England's extensive collection, the book celebrates the objects and literature that people used to make and enjoy gardens from the mid-nineteenth century to today. Essays by well-known experts include Virginia Lopez Begg on garden clubs and horticultural societies, Alan Emmet on garden portraits, Richard Nylander on a cornucopia of catalogues and on garden architecture and ornament... Learn More

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