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  • Heinkel He 162 "Volksjäger"

    The primary objective of this source edition is to provide readers with original documents, allowing them to form their own impression of the development, manufacture and operation of the Heinkel He 162. By linking this accumulated data with the historical situation of those times, we hope to have facilitated a more objective assessment of the "Volksjäger" project.

    For the purposes of this book, around 200 file documents were selected from a multitude of material on the Heinkel He 162 and reproduced in their original state. Complementing them are some 140 photographs, 50 scale... Learn More

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  • Sturmgeschütz III

    This first volume on the Sturmgeschuetz III puts the weapon in its historical context and supports information about production and combat. Volume II will provide information for identification of variants and their production months. Both volumes together will give readers a full survey of the technical development of the German World War II Assault Guns.

    Research material for this volume includes over 400 documents. These documents provide the base for a new view on the history of this important weapon system of the Wehrmacht. The documentation is illustrated by some 125 photog... Learn More

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  • Battle For Narva, 1944

    • Close-up and accurate portrayal of a German soldier's war in the last months of WWII

    The struggle at the Narva bridgehead was typical for combat on the Eastern Front of World War II. German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, and even Russian volunteers had enlisted in the German forces to fight against what they perceived to be the looming Communist threat from the east. Whereas other German units had failed to hold their ground in Russia, Heeresgruppe Nord still clung tenaciously to one of the last occupied positions near Soviet territory; the Estonian city of... Learn More

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  • You Up There - We Down Here

    • The final two years of World War II manning the guns and systems of the 7th German Anti-Aircraft Brigade

    Here the author describes his experiences as a Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Assistant from 1944-1945: "It was simply a question of us fifteen to sixteen-year olds manning the anti-aircraft guns on the ground defending ourselves against the airmen in the bombers and fighters 20,000 feet above our heads.”
    Letters, reports, documents and above all, the author's complete diary and photographs do so much to authenticate this time capsule. He describes how it was in those... Learn More

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  • Vorwärts Immer, Rückwärts Nimmer Vol I

    • Includes many explanatory photos, diagrams and coloured artwork

    The Sturmartillerie were established before the outbreak of World War II as an integrative support arm of the infantry, which was far removed from thorough mobility. Sturmgeschuetze (assault gun) which were turretless tanks armed with a 7.5 cm gun - would push forward the attack breaking any enemy resistance, destroying infantry guns, MG nests and bunkers. Throughout the rest of the war, this young service branch would endeavour to stand against the ever-growing numbers of enemy tanks.
    The book is the first of... Learn More

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  • OKH Toy Factory

    • A fascinating portrait of ‘The Toy Factory', the biggest and most modern tank production factory of its time

    The village of St. Valentin, situated in the western part of Niederösterreich, was a growing and ultimately very important armament production centre during the Third Reich. The Nibelungenwerk was planned as the biggest and most modern tank production factory with big housing facilities for workers under the camouflage name "Toy Factory".

    Although the building was hindered by many wartime restrictions between 1941 and 1945, the Nibelungenwerk grew to be... Learn More

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