The Soviet Light Bomber Petlyakov Pe-2

Oleg Pomoshnikov

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March 2019
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Top Drawings
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Color profiles, A4 and B2 drawing sheets
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ISBN : 9788366148208

Dimensions : 297 X 211 mm
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Petlakov Pe-2 (Peshka) is the best-known twin-engine light bomber of Soviet aviation in World War II. The plane was susceptible to structural changes, which allowed it to be used as a heavy fighter (also night), a dive bomber or a long reconnaissance plane.
Vladimir Petlakov constructed the Pe-2 in prison, where he got in 1937 for allegedly delaying the works on the ANT-42 Tupolev bomber. Petlakow, while serving the sentence, was appointed the head of the constructors' group, which was to create a fast and durable machine that could freely escort the ANT-42. That is how the VI-100 was made. It was a quite advanced plane for its time (the first flight took place on December 22, 1939). It was a fully metal construction. The machine was equipped with a pressurised cockpit, turbochargers and many advanced electronic systems.


Kagero's authoritative drawings cover the type thoroughly in both 1/48 and 1/72, and includes a set of vinyl masks for the Zvezda kit in 1/48 and the HobbyBoss in 1/72.
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I was particularly impressed to see some very specific areas of the aircraft covered in the title that will enable the modeller to replicate the detail on a model if so desired.

As always with Kagero, plenty of information for the historian or model-maker […]. Recommended.
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