John Boyle O'Reilly

James Flynn

Based on extensive research, this biography provides an insight into one of the most prominent figures in Irish history who is still celebrated today worldwide.
Publication date:
July 2016
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781907593628

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Much has been written about John Boyle O'Reilly (1844-1890), Irish-born poet, journalist, fiction-writer, member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood/Fenians, political/civil rights activist, and the accepted voice and leader of the Irish-American exiles. Wherever the Irish diaspora are to be found there too exists a Boyle O'Reilly Society, as the name plays host to Gaelic/athletic clubs in areas all over the world. A summary of O'Reilly's career and action-packed life is difficult to formulate: at seventeen he was a stenographer in England; at nineteen a private soldier in the 10th Hussars; at twenty-two lying in a dungeon in Dublin, condemned to death for treason against Great Britain; at twenty-four a nameless convict in a criminal colony in Western Australia, after spending time in U.K. prisons such as Pentonville, Millbank, Chatham and Dartmoor, from which he made several escape attempts; at twenty-five an emigree in Philadelphia, where he lived without friends and without money; at thirty a successful journalist and a promising poet in Boston; at thirty-five the acknowledged leader of the Irish cause in America. O'Reilly's life - comprising a short forty-six years - makes a compelling story. For the first time ever, extensive and comprehensive research has uncovered key material relating to all periods of O'Reilly's life. This book will serve as a primary resource for all students and enthusiasts of Irish history, Western Australian lore, and Bostonian culture of the late 1800s, as well as those seeking to read a ripping good yarn!