Portrait of an Artist

Paul Liss

A large selection of works which reflect the life of British artists of the first half of the 20th century.
Publication date:
August 2021
Publisher :
Liss Llewellyn Fine Art
Illustration :
Over 300 illus.
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ISBN : 9781999314545

Dimensions : 270 X 215 mm
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This publication examines how artist's portray themselves in self-portraits and how they portray their fellow artists. The artist's studio, models and milieu (friends, family etc) are also considered.

Most of Liss Llewellyn's projects in the last twenty five years have involved working

directly with artists' studios. Amongst the thousands and thousands of images that until now had lain undisturbed, often hardly seen since the day they were created, some occasionally stand out. Often modest in size and not obviously works of importance; a scrap of paper recording the intense introspective gaze of an artist, or a moment of intimacy suggesting the artist was in love with his subject - be it his or her spouse, model or children.

This portrait of an artist is the result of twenty years of collecting and brings together a remarkable group of works which, large or small, minor or major all have in common one quality - the ability to transport the viewer momentarily into the artist's milieu.