London's Buses

an ever-changing scene

Andrew Wiltshire

Hardback pictorial album charting the developments and innovations on London's Buses
Publication date:
August 2018
Publisher :
Mainline & Maritime
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ISBN : 9781902953915

Dimensions : 245 X 195 mm
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This book treats us to views of the famous London buses in chronological order, from the traditional types to the modern battery-electric bus. During the 1970s, the bus scene became increasingly interesting as London Transport struggled with unreliable and unsuitable vehicles. Most of these were far from life-expired, and their premature departure made the sourcing of suitable replacements a matter of urgency. During the 1980s, the London bus scene became one of constant change and was increasingly driven by politics. The increasing variety of vehicle types was accompanied by a proliferation of liveries but, throughout all this change, the Routemaster continued to live on in healthy numbers, and would do so for many more years to come.