They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan

Jay Wertz

Tells the story of Japan's six-month struggle to seize the Philippines from the determined but underequipped American and Filipino forces in the islands.
Publication date:
September 2017
Publisher :
Monroe Publications
Series :
World War II Comix
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ISBN : 9780998889382

Dimensions : 170 X 260 mm
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This fully-illustrated account details all the major battles, decisions and outcomes as the Japanese military sought to collapse the United States' principal military enclave in East Asia and seize a country rich in natural and human resources for their Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The planned 50-day campaign took 133 days because they underestimated the grit of their foes. Despite horrendous conditions, lack of air support, food and medicine, sheer grit compelled the Americans and Filipinos not to give up, even if the rest of the world had given up on them.


Always great to see an account of a major campaign such as Bataan covered in graphic novel format. Pictures tell so many thousands of words…
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… a straightforward, factual, unbiased and unemotional account of events.
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