The harbours and Allied logistics

Christophe Prime

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June 2018
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ISBN : 9782815103749

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The landing in Normandy and the military operations that took it follow-up required the implementation of logistical and technological means unprecedented. Artificial ports and submarine pipelines deployed across the Channel to supply the armies fighters on the continent are now known to the general public. Nevertheless, they are just two of the components of the amazing logistics machine deployed by the Allies. For each fighter present on the front line, ten men are lined up in support, ranging from the munitionnaire to the quartermaster, through the gunsmith, the cook, the truck driver or the nurse who will take care of them in case of injury. All these men and women stayed too much in The shadow. The Allies have shown a lot of ingenuity. Their adaptability allowed them to overcome the many difficulties they have faced and thus remain in capacity to defeat the armies of the Third Reich. Two million five hundred thousand men, five hundred thousand vehicles and four million tonnes of materials were sent to Normandy in barely a hundred days.


… the strength of this booklet is the unusual photographs, drawn from a very wide range of sources, depicting the vital logistics, the unglamorous and frequently overlooked side of War.
Military Historical Society Bulletin