No Guns, Just God's Glory

Tom Wilson

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March 2018
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ISBN : 9782815104166

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Reverend Tom Wilson, Doctor of Theology, is interested in history World War II since the age of 12. He has Career in the retail trade before answering the call from the ordained ministry. He was ordained by the Anglican Church of Canada and was rector of a parish in the south-west of Ontario. In 2007, he had the opportunity to spend a year in France, as part of a university exchange program that his wife, Dawn Cornelio, was coordinating. Meanwhile, some Canadian students traveled to Normandy where the Reverend Wilson organized a memorial service in honor Canadian Chaplain Walter Brown. It's the killing of Padre Brown who led Reverend Wilson to explore the fate of Allied chaplains killed during the Battle of Normandy. After having served in the Episcopal Anglican Church for 5 years, the Reverend Wilson is now the Anglican chaplain of Saint Raphael, in the South of France, where he works in a congregation
multinational English-speaking company.