All Souls Day

The World War II Battle and the Search for a Lost U.S. Battalion

Joseph M Pereira, John L Wilson

The reconstruction of a little-known battle during World War II, and the impact it has to this day.
Publication date:
March 2021
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640122253

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• Honors the memory of a few brave soldiers who gave up their lives in a distant land in virtual obscurity
• Tells their stories in a general readership arena in simple language distilled of jargon and technicalities
• Adds urgency and haste to the work of finding the missing and bringing home their remains to their inconsolable sons, daughters, nieces and nephews and in a few rare instances their surviving spouses

Among the most exhaustive - and frustrating - searches for missing soldiers has been an effort by the U.S. Army to find a group of GIs who died in a small battle fought in November 1944 near the German-Belgium border. After nearly 10 searches spanning decades, the most recent in 2016, results are discouraging. Families are still missing husbands, brothers, uncles. Named for the day the battle started, the All Souls Day Battle lasted 10 days, and represents a significant moment in the historical march of the Americans from Normandy to Berlin in the second World War.

All Souls Day shows how an inexperienced and poorly trained regiment - made up mostly of boys in their late teens and early twenties - metamorphosed from innocence and arrogance to shame and defeat, and finally to heroism and death. One of the worst annihilations in World War II, the regiment was virtually wiped out. As the Army continues to look for the men who gave their lives in that engagement, the book identifies the places where they were last seen on the battlefield. With the help of some of these families, their preserved letters and diaries, a battery of original battlefront documents, and interviews with soldiers who fought in that war, All Souls Day will reconstruct the day-to-day of that brief military campaign.