More Stories from Langley

Another Glimpse inside the CIA

Edward Mickolus

Collection of personal essays detailing the adventures, advice, and experience of generations of CIA support and technical officers.
Publication date:
September 2020
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640123694

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• Provides clear understanding of what it means to work for the CIA; more than 180,000 people apply to work at the CIA each year
• Inside look at one of the most opaque organizations in the United States
• Real-life stories from officers who participated in clandestine operations
• Reveals the CIA's need for a myriad of backgrounds, not just the stereotypical suave spy

Who knew the CIA needed librarians? More Stories from Langley contains the stories of the lesser-known operations of one of the most mysterious government agencies in the United States. Edward Mickolus is back with more stories to answer the question, "What does a career in the CIA look like?"

Advice and anecdotes from both current and former CIA officers provide a look at the side of intelligence operations that's often left out of the movies. What was it like working for the CIA during 9/11? Do only spies get to travel? More Stories has physicists getting recruited to "The Agency" during the Cold War, foreign-language majors getting lucky chances, and quests to "learn by living" that turn into sweaty-palmed calls to the U.S. embassy after being detained by Russian intelligence officers while attempting to board a plane. The world only needs so many suave, gun-slinging super spies. More Stories from Langley shows how important those in academia, retired soldiers, and even bilingual nannies can be in preserving the security of our nation.