New Principles of War

Enduring Truths with Timeless Examples

Marvin Pokrant

New Principles of War: Enduring Truths with Timeless Examples argues that the currently recognized principles of war are flawed, and proposes a new set of principles to guide military leaders.
Publication date:
May 2021
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640122222

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• One of the first books to challenge the current principles of war and provide a new way of thinking
• Utilizes numerous examples from military history to support his new principles
• Includes information about the war on terror, which is especially relevant in today's time

New Principles of War: Enduring Truths with Timeless Examples uses historical examples to show how recognized principles of war identified by Carl von Clausewitz in his essay Principles of War, and later enlarged in his book, On War which has been influential on how military thinking is outdated and flawed, and in their place proposes a new set of principles. Formulated with the intention of passing the 5,000 year test, the nine new principles of war are: Prioritized Objectives, Relative Advantage, Unity of Effort, Initiative, Surprise, Deception, Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, and Know the Environment. By analyzing and reforming the principles of war, Dr. Marvin Pokrant provides a new, relevant and useful way to guide decisions made in times of war.