Quest for the Presidency

The Storied and Surprising History of Presidential Campaigns in America

Jeffrey D. Simon

An engaging and insightful popular history of American presidential elections from 1789 to the present.
Publication date:
July 2022
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640122307

Dimensions : 225 X 152 mm
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• A lively and engaging story about the history of campaigns that allows for a heightened understanding of how twenty-first-century elections are inextricably linked to all the contests that led up to and influenced the present day
• The book speaks to the connection between presidential history and current politics; it will include passages in each chapter that explore how these elections specifically impacted American democracy, both in their own era and beyond

Quest for the Presidency gathers in a single volume the compelling stories behind every presidential campaign in American history, from 1789 through 2020. Bob Riel takes us inside the 1800 clash between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the 1860 election that launched a Civil War, the 1948 whistle-stop comeback of Harry Truman, the Kennedy-Nixon drama of 1960, the 1980 Reagan Revolution, the historic 2008 election of Barack Obama, the turbulent 2020 battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and everything in between.

This engaging and insightful book includes a trove of entertaining stories about campaigns and candidates, and it goes beyond the campaign tales to also consider the threads that link elections across time. It sheds light on the continually evolving story of American democracy in a way that helps us to better understand present-day politics.