Coccarde Tricolori 2020

Publication date:
November 2020
Publisher :
RN Publishing
Editor :
Riccardo Niccoli
Contributor(s) :
Paolo Valpolini, Luca Peruzzi
Illustration :
more than 500 colour photos
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ISBN : 9788895011196

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
Available in 3-4 weeks


• Review of the most important facts, photos and news of the year 2019 in the air, sea, and land fields
• 23 in-depth illustrated articles on topic subjects
• Fact sheets on the Italian MoD and on all the Armed Forces and State Corps, with organizations, order of battle, data on personnel and balance
• An English Summary

Now available the XVIII edition of our Italian defence yearbook "Coccarde Tricolori”.

Among the subjects covered in this edition: an exclusive interview to the Italian Navy CINCNAV, and reports on new Italian procurement programs, on the Italian Air Force training on the F-35 at Luke AFB, a flight report on the on T-346 LIFT trainer or the ItAF, an article on the Parachutist Brigade "Folgore", on the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command of the Italian Army, on the new PPA ship of the Navy, on the Italian-Spanish landing force, on the new helicpters for the Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, and much, much more!