Israeli Eagles


Amos Dor

A reference work for F-15 enthusiasts and modellers and enthusiasts of the Israel air force.
Publication date:
July 2020
Publisher :
RN Publishing
Series :
Israel Air Force
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ISBN : 9788895011189

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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• Reference work for F-15 enthusiasts and modellers
• For the enthusiasts of the Israel air force

This title is the first in a new series dedicated to the most important aircraft operated by the Israel Air Force. The series starts with an iconic aircraft which is also a myth in the aviation world: The F-15 eagle.

The book, which collects unpublished photos and information, is divided into several chapters dedicated to the debut of the aircraft, its use in both peacetime and during wartime operations with the first line squadrons, as well as its participation in several international air exercises. In addition to several colour profiles, the book offers more than 500 photos - many of great interest, rare and unpublished, coming from private archives - that show all the aircrafts operated, serial number by serial number. The book has been prepared by Amos Dor, a well-known Israeli author, and is the result of years of research.