One I'll Always Remember

Caring for America's Wounded Warriors

Gary Bloomfield

The One I'll Always Remember is an emotional and compelling compilation of real-life, sometimes surreal, recollections of medical personnel who have provided care to America's ‘wounded warriors' during military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other hot zones.
Publication date:
October 2020
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9781493038619

Dimensions : 152 X 229 mm
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The One I'll Always Remember puts the reader on the front lines and in the operating rooms to experience the dramatic impact on the military care providers who have told their stories. The reader will feel the emotional and psychological trauma of extended combat surgeries, and learn the coping skills, such as avoiding knowing a patient's name or too much personal information, including whether he's married or has children. These medical personnel save more than 95 percent of all the wounded warriors who come to the field hospitals, yet it's those few who don't make it which haunt them for years--and sometimes forever. The guilt of not being able to save everyone, and of asking if they could have done more. Not knowing their names, but still seeing their faces in haunting memories, even decades later.