Peninsula Campaign 1862

McClellan and Lee Struggle for Richmond

Joseph Cullen

Publication date:
April 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811737296

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Here is the detailed story of
-The first serious attempt to capture Richmond
-The struggle that marked the emergence of Robert E. Lee
-The rise and fall of the North's great hope, General George B. McClellan
In this first book on the subject in 50 years, historian Cullen presents incisive evaluations of the men and movements of the Confederate and Union Armies and disputes the long-held theory that interference form President Lincoln caused McClellan's failure. Reporting the campaign from both viewpoints, and then judging from the fascinating omniscience of history, he brings fresh research to an old subject that may be new—in this depth—to many.
From the first skirmish to the concluding, bloody battle at Malvern Hill, Cullen dissects the strategies of both sides, reports the battles and skirmished, examines the character and abilities of the men who made the decisions in this early campaign that tested two newly formed armies, started Lee on his long war and brought ignominious retirement to McClel