Solo into the Rising Sun

The Dangerous Missions of a U.S. Navy Bomber Squadron in World War II

Ed Kittrell

The story of the Blue Raiders whose unique long-range missions entailed bombers venturing a thousand miles out over the Pacific, alone.
Publication date:
October 2020
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Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811739207

Dimensions : 152 X 229 mm
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When we think about World War II bombers, we picture formations of scores of bombers, escorted and protected by fighters, flying into enemy territory and bombing the hell out of the enemy. In Europe and usually the Pacific, this was the standard approach, but some bomber squadrons flew a different kind of mission. This was the case for VPB-117 - the Blue Raiders - unique not only because its B-24 Liberators flew for the U.S. Navy and not the Army, but also because most of the Raiders' missions entailed bombers venturing out over the Pacific, alone, to seek and destroy on long-range missions of a thousand miles out and a thousand back, often at altitudes close enough for sea spray to cloud their windows. This is their story.