Distribute with us


Print Distribution

Combining the rare mix of both general trade, academic and scholarly sales, distribution, PR and marketing expertise, the Casemate Group provides its customers and clients with a unique understanding of the end user’s enthusiasms and niche interests, reaching a diverse and avid community of readers, through a variety of small, medium and large booksellers. Distributed clients grow their sales, reach new customers, develop their brand, minimise resource and reduce costs. Alongside its Sales and Marketing services we also provide warehousing/fulfilment, inventory management, consolidated shipping rates, and print-on-demand management services.


Digital Distribution

In just over three years, The Casemate Group’s digital arm has quickly grown to be a leading international digital publisher and distributor of specialist history content in both academic and general trade publishing. We attribute the key to our success to our dedicated focus on three core components of our program: conversion, distribution and marketing. Furthermore, our full range of conversion services offers individualized attention to each book in production. We have direct relationships with all major e-retailers as well as distributors/wholesalers globally, including general retail, academic and library distribution. We also provide web platform development and web hosting services.


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