Dornier Do 22

Djordje Nikolic

Publication date:
November 2017
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250+ archives photos
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ISBN : 9788365437617
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Developed by one of the most famous German airplane manufacturing companies at the request from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Dornier Do 22 was never adopted by the Luftwaffe and was condemned to obscurity as one of the peripheral airplane types. With only 29 manufactured in total, including the sole prototype, Do 22 was not a major success for Dornier-Werke. As such, it did not get the attention it deserved in the history of aviation. It's distinct service with the air forces of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Kingdom of Greece and Finland was to date only covered superficially. No written work was published compiling and shedding light on the entire history, development, use by the three countries and the subsequent fate of the Dornier Do 22.


Excellent quality throughout and ideal for modellers looking for the detail in completing a model, in whatever scale. Kagero do a really neat job in this one, as ever. With 180 pages and over 250 archive photos the author has done an excellent job with Kagero for this one.
Military Model Scene

This is a brilliant monograph...For the fan of really obscure aircraft, this will be an interesting read, for the model-make trying to improve a kit, essential.
Scale Military Modelling International Magazine