Volume 2 1750 - 1792

Ludovic Letrun, Veronique Letrun

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April 2015
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Histoire et Collections
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Officers & Soldiers
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66 plates
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ISBN : 9782352504238

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In this second half of the 18th century, military tactics changed, going from static siege tactics to rapid manoeuvres, giving the cavalry a predominant role again on the fi eld of battle. The changes in uniform, organisation and tactics of the Dragoon regiments evolved over three periods. The main corps gradually joined with the cavalry, becoming a key element in the new strategy of movement. The first period, included ordinances from 1750 and 1757, and mainly improved the troop's comfort. The second period of change reorganised and unifi ed the corps. Finally the last period provided the republic with the most modern corps and army in the world.