Dust, Donkeys and Delusions

The Myth of Simpson and his Donkey Exposed

Graham Wilson

Publication date:
October 2016
Publisher :
Big Sky Publishing
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ISBN : 9781921941740

Dimensions : 232 X 155 mm
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Dust, Donkeys and Delusion examines and clinically debunks the myth that has grown up around Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the so-called `Man with the Donkey', the quintessential Australian `hero' of Gallipoli. While the various elements of the Simpson myth have now become popularly accepted as `history', Dust, Donkeys and Delusion shows clearly, based on historical documents, both official and unofficial, that almost every word ever spoken or written about Simpson following his death is false.


The fact that campaigners still want Kirkpatrick to be awarded a retrospective Victoria Cross suggests that there may be something to this story which author Graham Wilson seeks to debunk…
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