Ancient Egyptian Warfare

Tactics, Weapons and Ideology of the Pharaohs

Ian Shaw

An accessible account of Ancient Egyptian Warfare.
Publication date:
September 2019
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Short History
Illustration :
30 black and white photos and diagrams
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ISBN : 9781612007250

Dimensions : 198 X 125 mm
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• Part of the Casemate Short History series: expert but accessible introductions to military history topics
• Explores all aspects of ancient Egyptian warfare based on the available archaeological evidence
• Includes diagrams, maps, and a timeline

A concise introduction to Ancient Egyptian warfare from the Neolithic period through to the Iron Age, covering everything from battle tactics to weaponry and battle injuries. The excellent preservation of Egyptian artefacts including bows, axes and chariots, means that it is possible to track the changing nature of Egyptian military technology, as well as the equipment and ideas that were adopted from other civilisations of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East. As well as discussing such crucial issues as military strategy, martial ideology, construction of fortresses and waging of siege warfare, this book includes the study of practical ques­tions of life, death and survival of individual soldiers on the battlefield.


A short read, an overview, not a complete study of ancient Egyptian warfare, but within the pages there is some interesting discussion and cogent observations - probably the outcome that the author set out to achieve
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