German Mountain Troops 1942-45

Yves Béraud

A fully illustrated account of the deployment of German mountain units in the last years of World War II.
Publication date:
April 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Illustrated
Illustration :
150 photographs and illustrations
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ISBN : 9781612009469

Dimensions : 254 X 178 mm
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• The Gebirgsjäger fought in some of the most difficult terrain contested during World War II
• The informative text is supplemented with many period colour photos of these specialist troops on campaign

When World War II began, the Wehrmacht had fifteen mountain divisions and a multitude of small units, including some Austrian units that had been incorporated into the German army after the Anschluss. These mountain units would operate in hostile environments on all fronts during World War II. Due to their training, equipment and adaptability, the Gebirgstruppen would be deployed to fight in almost every theater. In the last years of the war they would see action in North Africa, Italy, the Balkans, Norway and Finland, and in the West as the Allies pushed German forces back toward Berlin.

This book, the culmination of four decades of research and the support of many veterans and collectors, describes the uniform, equipment, and operations of these specialist units during the later years of World War II. The text is complemented by period photographs taken at the front, including many color photographs, and modern photographs of uniform details.


...another phenomenal addition to the Casemate Illustrated series and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Gebirgsjaeger or mountain warfare in World War Two.
Aviation Enthusiast Book Club

This is a must-have for anyone with a serious in the German army of WWII.
Gun Mart

The author does a terrific job of outlining the many campaigns and areas where the German Mountain troops fought throughout the war, and the unique challenges that some of these areas brought.

Uniform buffs and vignette modelers will come away with details and inspiration.
The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

The men who formed these units are at the heart of this new book. Uniforms, weapons, and equipment are also touched upon. The text is thorough in detail, but the outstanding feature of this work is the illustrations, photographs of mountain troops in action and behind the lines. Many of them are in color with good captions providing interesting extra information.
WWII History