Between Five Eyes

50 Years of Intelligence Sharing

Anthony R Wells

A detailed look at UK-US intelligence through a personal lens based on workinguniquely for UK intelligence as a British citizen and US intelligence as a US citizen.
Publication date:
October 2020
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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16 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781612009001

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• The author is the only living person to have worked for British Intelligence as a British citizen and US Intelligence as a US citizen
• New and refreshing approach to not just chronicling the history of UK-US intelligence in the modern era, with their Five Eyes allies
• The first book to address the Five Eyes in its entirety, discussing how this incredible set of relationships grew from the crucible of World War II
• It explains how Five Eyes are able to exploit metadata transmitted via global telecommunications networks, how Five Eyes combats state-sponsored cyber attacks, and how Five Eyes members has supported one another in major flashpoints such as Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Iraq

"Few people are as uniquely well equipped as Anthony Wells to write an account of these close and special relationships. His penetrating and informed analysis offers us all hope for the continuance of an alliance which makes the world a safer place." - VICE ADMIRAL SIR JEREMY BLACKHAM, Knight Commander of the Bath, editor, The Naval Review

UK-US intelligence and the wider Five Eyes community of Canada, Australia and New Zealand is primarily about one main thing, relationships. In this remarkable book, Anthony Wells charts fifty years of change, turmoil, intense challenges, successes and failures, and never-ending abiding UK-US and Five Eyes relationships. He traces the development of institutions that he firmly believes have sustained and indeed may have saved the free world, Western democracies and their allies from those ill disposed to the value system and culture of our nations. More than a chronology of the UK-US intelligence community during this fifty-year period, it is also a personal insight into key relationships and how the abiding strengthof the United States and the United Kingdom and its Five Eyes allies relationships. The author has relied on his own extensive unclassified collection of papers, personal notes, diaries, as well as his family library for source material to create this book.


Especially pertinent is the chapter on current and emerging terrorist and related threats and their impact on intelligence collection and analysis by the 'Five Eyes'.
Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International

An extraordinary book […] This really is a must-read for anyone interested in the vital role that intelligence plays in providing accurate intelligence to politicians and helping shape the 21st Century world - very highly recommended.
Navy Books/Warships World

This reviewer...highly recommends that every Active Duty/Reserve/Retired US Navy intelligence officer and senior intelligence specialist read this comprehensive history of the Five Eyes Community.
Naval Intelligence Professionals READBOOK

"[Wells's] mix of a naval career, academic work, intelligence analyst and qualifying for the Bar is impressive! …

This really is a must read for anyone interested in the vital role that intelligence plays in providing accurate intelligence to

politicians and helping shape the 21st Century world - very highly recommended."

Warships World

Between Five Eyes is an absolutely fascinating read for anyone interested in the intelligence community and

wider world.

Love Reading

…an excellent summary of a 75 year history of intelligence sharing between the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand from World War II to present.
The Submarine Review

It is clear from reading the book that Wells has a prolific mind and had a fascinating career. His position integrated into US intelligence had no predecessor nor a successor. As Between Five Eyes has largely a naval focus it will be of most interest to those interested in naval intelligence. But its breadth of topics is far greater.

Very highly recommended.
Warships International