German Mountain Troops 1939-42

Yves Beraud

A fully illustrated colour treatment of the German mountain divisions.
Publication date:
October 2020
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Illustrated
Illustration :
150 photographs and illustrations
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ISBN : 9781612009100

Dimensions : 254 X 178 mm
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• The Gebirgsjägers were elite soldiers, and their legacy continues to this day - there remain elite Gebirgsjäger troops in the German, Austrian and Swiss armies
• As specialist soldiers they fought in some of the most difficult terrain fought over in World War II
• This book is full of period color photography of these specialist troops on campaign

Fifteen elite mountain divisions and a multitude of small units fought for the Wehrmacht during World War II. They fought on all fronts, operating in hostile environments ranging from the far north to Libya, the Atlantic to the Caucasus - serving in all the "hot spots.” This book, the culmination of some four decades of research and the support of many veterans and collectors, describes the life, operations and equipment of these specialist units.


...supported by a great collection of colour and monochrome photographs - one with the men wearing patterned tablecloths to stave off the cold in Norway is my favourite. […] it will appeal to readers interested in the German army in the early phases of World War II.
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