Courage Under Fire

The 101st Airborne's Hidden Battle at Tam Ky

Ed Sherwood

The story of the young men of "Never Quit" Delta Company at the bloody but forgotten battle of Tam Ky, Vietnam, in 1969.
Publication date:
June 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781612009643

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• Operation Lamar Plain, the 101st Airborne's battle at Tam Ky, was one of the bloodiest battles fought by the 101st in Vietnam
• News of the battle and US casualties were kept out of the media for political reasons and the story of these brave young men has never been fully told until now.
• The author offers a unique perspective as he was an infantry soldier wounded during the battle

Courage Under Fire is the first book published about Operation Lamar Plain. After 50 years, the story of the renowned 101st Airborne's major offensive near Tam Ky, South Vietnam remains largely unknown. Fighting at Tam Ky by the 1st Brigade began 15 May 1969 while the 101st's 3rd Brigade battled on Hamburger Hill. The political consequences of Hamburger Hill's high casualties caused Lamar Plain and its high casualties to remain classified and undisclosed. Decades later, the fighting at Tam Ky is mostly forgotten except by those who fought there.

Sherwood's superb research of now declassified records uncovers how such a large battle could remain hidden and undisclosed. But that is not the heart of his story. His focus is on the courage and commitment of the young infantry soldiers who fought. Many were sons of WWII and Korean War veterans. They had a legacy to uphold - to honor their families, the 101st Airborne, and their nation. Most of all in the crux of battle, they would not let their fellow soldiers down.

Courage Under Fire uses actual battle records and eyewitness accounts to follow "Never Quit" Delta Company and its sister companies through 28 days of continuous combat at Tam Ky. Delta Company's young infantry soldiers live up to their motto despite increasing casualties, a tough enemy, harsh battlefield conditions, and loss of leaders. For all who fought at Tam Ky, their bravery and devotion to duty in an increasingly unpopular war is worthy to be remembered. With veterans of Tam Ky now growing older and fewer in number, it is past time to tell their story.


For those with an interest in the Vietnam War, small unit actions, a forgotten era of combat or who wish to study human behaviour, this is a good read. The detail is excellent and will prove useful to both wargamers and historians. Highly recommended.
Scale Military Modelling International Magazine

Courage Under Fire tells the story of the courage and bravery of the Vietnam soldier in a compelling fashion fit for audiences of all generations; As a retired Army Infantry officer, retired US history teacher, and a proudly still serving veteran, I highly recommend Courage Under Fire.
LTC (R) Dale Barnett, Past National Commander, The American Legion 2015-16

[The author's] intent in writing this account is to honor those who served and educate their families as to what their loved ones experienced. In this effort he has succeeded for the book is full of the small details of military life, field service and combat which mark an infantryman's experience.
Military Heritage

Written and presented like a series of after-action reports, Courage Under Fire provides readers a thorough examination of Operation Lamar Plain from the point of view of the soldiers on the ground, particularly those of Sherwood's company. The author provides great detail on all aspects of the fighting.