Elegia Fantastica

Between Memory and Visions

Emanuele Scorcelletti, Cyril Drouhet, Simona Cardinali, Denis Curti

Emanuele Scorcelletti's deep connection with the Marche region, in Italy, is the starting point of an artistic project he has been carrying out for several years and which he has entitled Elegia Fantastica.
Publication date:
September 2022
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ISBN : 9782490952038

Dimensions : 290 X 290 mm


• The photobook includes critical contributions by three experts in the world of art and photography, who analyze the artistic research of Emanuele Scorcelletti, situating it in a history of contemporary photography
• This exceptional artbook is as much a tribute to the places of his childhood as an artistic and technical feat: the photographs in the "Memory” section were taken with the Leica M6; those of the "Visions” part with the Leica Monochrom, without montage or retouching
• With this very personal book, Emanuele Scorcelletti is part of the great tradition of humanist and narrative photography, of which he admires the masters Cartier-Bresson and Giacomelli, giving an equal importance to reality or poetic abstraction

"When I picture my region, I simply look, I don't think: I let my heart direct me and life unfold. This country awakens in me a deep emotion. There, time stops. I become a child again, everything amazes me. This is timeless Italy”, explains Emanuele Scorcelletti.

Emanuele Scorcelletti's book thus presents a deep and meticulous photographic journey in black and white that touches on one of the most current reflections of contemporary man on the importance of places as fundamental elements to define his personal approach. of existence. The Marches are therefore the protagonists of research on the notion of place, studied in the relationships it establishes with the individuals who live there, who have lived there or who have forged strong ties with it.

As the title of the project suggests, the book is offered as a poetic composition which, as in the most refined elegies, is divided into two parts: that of memory and that of vision, the first melancholy and evocative, the second fiery and exalted. Classic images with balanced geometries characterize the first section of the book, while the shots in the second section are loaded with expressionistic and vibrant tones.