Emil Maurice

Garde du corps et ami juif de Hitler

Bernage Georges

Publication date:
April 2021
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ISBN : 9782840484431

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Of Jewish origin and an intimate friend of Hitler, Emil Maurice was the founder of the SA and of the Stosstrupp Hitler (the origin of the SS). He also helped to edit Mein Kampf in Landsberg Prison. Through the unusual destiny of Emil Maurice, this book mainly describes in detail the relatively unknown but ever so terribly determining period for History, from 1919 to 1933, with some very rare documents in black and white, and some in colour: the beginnings of the DAP going back to the Society of Thule, the Munich Soviet and the Freikorps' fighting in 1919, the Munich Putsch; Landsberg prison, the history of the Stosstrupp with a list of personal information about all its members, the Geli Raubal affair and lots of other historical details with photographs and documents as yet never published or virtually unknown, coming in part from Emil Maurice's unpublished archives which we have acquired.