Evelyn Dunbar

A Life in Painting

Christopher Campbell-Howes

Biography of Evelyn Mary Dunbar (1906-1960), British artist and illustrator.
Publication date:
October 2016
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Contributor(s) :
Rosanna Eckersley
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ISBN : 9781526205841

Dimensions : 240 X 169 mm
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The importance of Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960) in the history of British 20th century art is continually being reassessed and belatedly recognised. A gifted draughtswoman: youthful prodigy; brilliant student at the Royal College of Art under Sir William Rothenstein and a galaxy of teaching staff including Allan Gwynne-Jones, Alan Sorrell and Charles Mahoney; principal muralist at Brockley School; book illustrator; devout Christian Scientist; official World War 2 artist, the only woman artist to be salaried throughout the war; post-war allegorist and much-loved teacher; subtly insistent feminist; devoted plantswoman, gardener and inspired advocate of 'green' values; warm and witty but self-effacing personality with many accomplishments including, unexpectedly, rock-climbing and playing the banjo; but above all a very individual artist of spirited imagination and consummate technique, whose work, which hangs in all major UK galleries and several overseas, defies ready classification.

Dunbar's nephew Christopher Campbell-Howes gives a sparkling, scholarly and measured account of her life and work in a richly illustrated book that combines biography, memoir and catalogue raisonné.