Exit Plan

Exit Plan

Mike Sixsmith

Publication date:
January 2013
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Bill Sloan, a former British Army intelligence officer and Shahid Al Sheehi, the son of a Pakistani British immigrant are caught up in a breathtakingly ambitious plan for a small Middle Eastern Emirate to seize regional power by acquiring weapons of mass destruction. The destinies of Sloan and Al Sheehi are irrevocably entwined.

This novel draws the reader into a realm of political intrigue, characterized by thwarted terrorist plots, international duplicity, and a host of anxious preoccupations including the threat of WMDs. Incredibly timely, as these issues still continue to feature in contemporary headlines, this work acts to set our current perceptions of such issues is context.

Well-developed characters populate the pages, living very different lives but influenced by similar factors; a writer in command of his subject matter details their parallel agendas and overlapping imperatives with ease. Informed by his own personal experiences, this novel has a real feel of authenticity, offering an unrivalled insight into the Middle Eastern tensions, which have simmered over the past thirty years, and seeking to illuminate the paradoxes and oppositions of lives ensnared in such realities.