Finland’s War of Choice

The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II

Henrik O. Lunde

"Offers a solid operational analysis.... successfully demonstrates that dining with the Nazi devil required a longer spoon that Finland possessed.
Publication date:
October 2013
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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18pp illustrations
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ISBN : 9781612002194

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• An insightful analysis of the relationship between Germany and Finland during WWII

This book explores the unlikely coalition between Germany and Finland in World War II, and their joint military operations from 1941 to 1945. An oft overlooked participant of the war, Finland fought against the Soviets in the infamous and illegal Winter War, alongside Germany in the Continuation War of 1941, and finally against former ally Germany in the conclusive and bloody Lapland War.

In his prologue Lunde covers the turbulent history of Finland, from its separation from the Soviet Union in 1917 to its isolation after being bludgeoned in 1939-40. Lunde examines both Finnish and German motives for forming a coalition against the USSR, and how—as logical as a common enemy would seem—the lack of true planning and preparation would doom the alliance.

Lunde posits that it was inconceivable that the highly professional German General Staff allowed itself to accept the militarily unsound and shaky coalition that was waged between Finland and Germany. The war aims were not discussed nor harmonised, there were no campaign plans with tasks and missions spelled out past the initial assault, no effective main effort established, inadequate force levels, and an unsound command structure within various headquarters. Practically every rule in the book was broken.

In this book, Henrik Lunde, the renowned author of Hitler's Pre-emptive War: The Battle for Norway, 1940 (Casemate) once again fills a profound gap in our understanding of World War II.


…likely to be the best book on the diplomatic and military aspects of the conflict published in English for many years…Finland's War of Choice receives a very high recommendation, and it looks like a strong candidate to be named as one of the best new books of the year.
Stone and Stone World War II Books

Offers a solid operational analysis.... successfully demonstrates that dining with the Nazi devil required a longer spoon that Finland possessed.
Publishers Weekly

…excellent coverage of otherwise obscure operations near and even above the arctic circle, with word portraits of many commanders and a good many desperate fights, culminating in the brief Finno-German War after the collapse of the alliance. A valuable read for anyone interested in WWII in Europe.
New York Military Affairs Symposium

"This is a fascinating look at an important but little known area of fighting during the Second World War. Lunde has produced an excellent history of the crucial fighting in the north, the often confused political and diplomatic background and the troubled relationship between the Finns and their German allies.”