Flying Wings

A Visual History of the Northrop XB-35 & YB-49 Flying Wings

David Doyle

A fully illustrated reference book featuring period photos.
Publication date:
April 2015
Publisher :
The Ampersand Group
Series :
Visual History Series
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9780989554770

Dimensions : 215 X 281 mm
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• Excellent reference for modelers and aircraft enthusiasts
• A large number of full-page images
• A plastic kit is available

A Visual History of the Northrop XB-35 & YB-49 Flying Wings
By David Doyle
One hundred twenty eight pages, soft cover, over 260 black & white and color images. This highly unique title provides complete coverage of America's mysterious aircraft that pre-dated the B2 Stealth by decades - all told completely in rare period photos. The author was able to obtain access to a veritable treasure-trove of aviation history. Records and photographs from many of the projects original participants were used and are presented here for the very first time.